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Should our kids be drinking fruit juice?

Most of us understand the need to ensure that fruit is a part of our children’s diet. However, getting enough portions into our children’s diet can be challenging.

Not all children like fruit, but most of them will drink fruit juice and it counts towards their five a day, so millions of parents across the UK will have sighed heavily when they read in some news sources that some fruit juices contained more sugar than a can of cola.

Understandably, the question of whether to give children fruit juice is one most parents would like answered. Here, we give you the information you need to decide one way or another.

Moderation is the key

Using fruit juices in moderation is fine, but you need to look at the amount of sugar in any juices that you buy.

You will find that some juices have sugar added, while others are just the natural fruit. The more natural the drink, is the better.

However, even if you buy juice that has no sugar added, you still need to work out how much of it your child can drink and limit them to that amount. Your child’s diet should not contain more than 10% sugar, which includes sugar from natural sources such as fruit.

Reducing the amount of sugar in juice

You could consider watering down the fruit juice you give your child. Their daily allowance will go further that way. Putting a jug of water on the table along with your child’s juice allowance will allow them to water it down to taste, and encourage them to drink more water too.

It is also possible to make fruit juice go further by adding vegetable juices. Carrot juice is a good option because it does not really change the colour and the taste blends in well. Again, check the amount of sugar in the carrot juice before using it. Some manufacturers even add sugar to their vegetable juices.

Posted by Jennifer
July 29, 2014

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