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Lincolnshire school organises healthy eating education sessions for families

A school tuckshop in Lincolnshire might have to cope with a change in eating habits after youngsters spent time with experts learning about healthy eating for three afternoons last month.

The Food For Fitness project aims to educate children about the merits of eating healthily, but it wasn’t just the children of Elliston Primary who received a lesson – their parents, and even grandparents, were welcome to take part as well.

Pam Moore, a community nutrition educator, explained the organisation’s motivations and the way the sessions work:

“We all know about the obesity crisis and it is important that people learn while they are young. The project is very hands-on, with a chance for everyone to get involved and be able to taste what they are making.

“Everything we make is fairly straight forward and can be made reasonably quickly, which is the whole idea. Often when you read a recipe it can seem complicated and difficult to understand. That is why all of our recipes are made simple.”

It seems that pretty much everyone took something away from the experience, even Reg Fytche, a grandparent who used to work as a chef. He was particularly pleased to see cooking skills being brought back, saying that he feels these are things which are slowly being lost.

The school is looking to create a 12-month project geared around encouraging healthy eating to try and get the message across that crisps and chocolate should be swapped for healthier alternatives whenever possible.

Posted by Jennifer
March 10, 2014

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