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School tuck shop company in Merseyside

If you are looking for a school tuck shop company in Merseyside, then look no further than Fruit to Suit. We are a multi-award winning company with the aim to inspire young entrepreneurs in a fun and engaging way whilst promoting healthy eating at the same time.

Food in Merseyside

Merseyside, located in the North West of England, has a traditional signature dish known as scouse. The dish is a variation of a beef and lamb stew, and is so popular that it lends its name to the local dialect. It became a popular meal amongst sailors across seaports such as Liverpool, and as they travelled, they took it to other parts of Northern Europe. Scouse remains a staple part of culinary tradition in the region, being a popular choice on pub and cafe menus as well as in the home.

Tuck shop choices

Since the turn of the millennium, the government has put a huge emphasis on the importance of healthy eating and exercise in a bid to combat growing concerns relating to childhood obesity, encouraging every school tuck shop company in Merseyside to exchange stereotypical products like chocolate and sugary drinks with healthy alternatives, including natural fruit juices, healthy smoothies, fruit bars and dried fruits.

At Fruit to Suit, we offer services that extend beyond healthy snacks for children. There is an exclusive range of products on offer specifically designed for adults. These are perfectly suited for use in staffrooms, offices and on the go. We are a friendly and professional school tuck shop company in Merseyside. Our team is dedicated and passionate about what it does, and is willing to go that extra mile. If you have any queries regarding the services we provide or would like to know about our prices and how to order our products, give us a call today. We will be more than glad to help.