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Milk for all UK schoolchildren under new rules

New regulations have recently been published that include a ban on drinks that are full of sugar and limiting the availability of fruit juice in schools.

The new rules, which also mean that all pupils must be offered milk, will be introduced from January and form part of the plan to introduce healthier options in state schools.

Semi-skimmed milk will be provided for all children in primary and secondary schools, while sugary drinks will be completely banned and fruit juice will be limited. Previously, schoolchildren used to receive free milk until 1971, when it was stopped for those above the age of seven. Four years ago, a minister tried to stop free milk for children below the age of five, until David Cameron intervened.

Some schools don’t supply milk to pupils at present, but from January it must be supplied at all state schools. Children who receive free school meals and under-fives will get the milk free of charge, while others will have to pay. The new regulations will also dictate that a variety of foods are made available, with specified numbers of fruit and vegetables being provided so that kids are tempted by a range of foods.

According to one of the panel members of a review into the matter, Henry Dimbleby, it isn’t only sugar that is being removed, but also processed carbohydrates. Wholegrain food is also going to be included in new menus.

A number of institutions will also be tackling school tuckshops. Teesside schools have already introduced some changes, with a range of healthy snacks being provided to replace sugary options.

Posted by Susan
June 25, 2014

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