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Mobile food vans in London to tackle child obesity

A six month initiative has launched in four north and east London boroughs to help tackle the increasing problem of childhood obesity.

An organisation called Shift Design introduced the idea, following a pilot that took place in Newham in 2013. As part of the initiative, four mobile food vans will set up close to schools, although it won’t be announced to the students so that they don’t feel pressured to use the outlets.

Prior to setting up the vans, the dishes were all tested to ensure that the fat, salt, and sugar levels were in line with current government guidelines. The food to be served includes healthy stews, pasta meals, and chicken burgers, in addition to other dishes.

A spokesperson for Shift Design said that eating at takeaways was a social activity for many students, with the venue selected according to price, convenience, and tasty food. Hackney Council has said that it will implement the scheme across the borough, if the trial is successful, in a bid to reduce the obesity levels of children.

Data from 2011 indicates that over 40% of children leaving primary school are already obese or overweight.

One sixth former who had tried a Jerk Chicken burger from a mobile food van near Haggerston School said that it tasted much better than a regular takeaway, while other schools in the UK are also making changes by introducing healthy tuckshop foods. Merseyside is just one of the regions encouraging students to eat healthier alternatives in a bid to tackle child obesity.

Posted by Mark
December 17, 2014

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