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New rules introduced for school meals

School dinners that are served in state institutions will change from January, 2015, according to new regulations for pupil’s mealtimes.

Unhealthy foods will be restricted and healthy options will be encouraged, including nutritious snacks in school tuckshops. Lincolnshire is just one of the UK regions to be affected and should welcome the changes.

Alterations have been made to the current regulations that are in place, and are intended to make it easier for schools to enforce and to provide greater flexibility for cooks. At least one portion of salad or vegetables has to be provided each day as an accompaniment, while three different types of vegetable and fruit should be served every week.

Two or less items that are made with pastry can be served each week, while foods that are fried, coated in breadcrumbs or batter are to be restricted to two portions on a weekly basis.

According to Ursula Philpot, dietician, just over half of pupils have a packed lunch and she believes that more needs to be done to encourage more students to eat school meals.

One member from the panel of experts that devised the new regulations, Henry Dimbleby, added that the aim of the programme was to “protect children from the worst excesses of modern food that’s available in society”.

Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef who has campaigned tirelessly for healthier school meals, has welcomed the changes. Oliver stated that the modifications would help to protect the next generation of children.

Posted by Susan
June 22, 2014

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