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Nick Clegg responds to child obesity challenge of celebrity chef

Following a challenge issued by Jamie Oliver, the deputy prime minister responded by saying that he would like to talk to the chef about the child obesity crisis.

Nick Clegg was confronted by the issue during his radio show, “Call Clegg”, which aired on LBC Radio. Oliver wanted to know whether the deputy PM would personally support the campaign to reduce levels of child obesity. Oliver added:

“Is he prepared in his unique position to personally stand up, personally not professionally but personally, stand up and say he’s truly committed to reducing childhood obesity by five per cent in five years.”

Clegg responded by stating that there are too many children who are in poverty, but don’t qualify for free school meals. He added that these children often bring a packed lunch to school consisting of bread slices with chocolate paste and a “can of something”, which often affects their ability to concentrate later in the day.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats said that free school meals would soon be available to all children from reception class to Year two and this should help in the fight against obesity. Many schools are also introducing healthier options for children of all ages, with healthy tuckshop food. Tyne and Wear is among the first to incorporate the initiative in many of its schools.

Although Oliver challenged Clegg to support the reduction of obesity levels by five per cent, the deputy PM did mention that the target should be higher.

Posted by Mark
June 13, 2014

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