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Oliver makes pledge to reduce child obesity levels

A famous chef has recently pledged to reduce levels of UK child obesity by five per cent during the coming five years.

The pledge was made by Jamie Oliver in the lead up to today’s Food Revolution Day (16th May). Oliver said that he was “deeply offended” that no politicians had made a similar pledge to combat the nation’s child obesity rates.

Food Revolution Day is a global event that aims to educate children about eating a healthy diet and to get them interested in nutritious food. Over 90 countries are involved in the event, which will aim to create a new world by hosting the largest cooking lesson ever to take place.

Oliver spoke of how his critics say that the chef will never change the status quo, but in response, he has made it a personal goal to reduce the levels of obesity in UK children.

The celebrity chef is also calling for schools all over the world to introduce education about food and healthy eating as part of their national curriculum. He said:

“There isn’t one single solution that’s going to fix our kids’ health; it’s a whole host of things. Whether it’s schools rolling out the compulsory food education that’s coming into play this September or the continued improvement of school food.”

Many schools in the UK are already working towards a healthy diet for children, with the introduction of healthy tuckshop foods. Merseyside is just one of the areas to introduce nutritious snacks for children.

Posted by Mark
May 16, 2014

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