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Maternal health could affect child obesity

A recent study has revealed that the health of a pregnant woman could affect her unborn child, dictating whether it will become overweight or obese later on in life.

The research, which was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was conducted by (more…)

Obesity rates stabilise for under-10s

Recent studies indicate that the rates of obesity for children below ten years of age may be starting to level off.

Although the number of children who are obese or overweight grew from (more…)

Tighter regulations argued for junk food ads

Health campaigners are renewing their calls for stricter rules regarding the advertising of junk food on TV and online.

A survey of 2,188 parents conducted by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has found (more…)

Pizza blamed for childhood obesity in America

According to recent research conducted at the University of Illinois, pizza could be the main cause of obesity in US children.

The study revealed that on the days when children ate pizza, the total amount (more…)

Record numbers of teenagers having obesity surgery

The number of young people undergoing weight-loss surgery has increased over the last few years, with figures doubling in the last five.

Meanwhile, the number of teenagers below the age of 18 having surgery for (more…)

Finding job satisfaction through franchising

Despite an improving economy, reports are still rife of people in the UK struggling to find jobs. With estimates of more than a million zero-hour contracts in place last year and young people in particular struggling to land a job suited to their qualifications, it’s perhaps little surprise that a record number of new businesses were registered with Companies House last year.

Bearing this in mind, let’s look at a few reasons why a move into (more…)

Calls for parenting classes from leading doctor

Education should be offered to every parent so that they can be taught how to raise their children correctly, as well as to avoid a range of issues, according to a leading British expert.

The move is aimed at halting the increasing number of (more…)

The changing face of the school tuck shop

Due to a welcome shift towards healthy eating in our schools, parents of school-aged children will probably find that their memories of tuck shops are rather different to what their kids picture from the term.

Once a place to head to for sugary snacks and junk food, as an alternative or complementary item to a school meal, today’s tuck shops have (more…)

Driving kids to school blamed for rise in child obesity

The National Association of Head Teachers’ president has called for parents to stop driving pupils to school and allow them to walk.

It is hoped that this will help children to (more…)

What do school meals have on the menu for 2015?

Those of us who went to school pre-Jamie Oliver are likely to have an altogether different view of school dinners to the kids of today, and the reshaping of term-time meals has continued into 2015, with further regulations coming into force as of the start of this year.

A full 22-page report titled ‘Revised standards for food in schools’ can be found on (more…)

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