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Part time franchise

A franchise is a type of business where the first company in a chain licenses their enterprises, allowing other people to manage their own locations under the name of the original. There are many benefits to this business model, not least that budding entrepreneurs can start their business under the name of an already established, thriving company. This makes it much more likely that they will succeed in their endeavours. This is why we at Fruit to Suit offer franchising rights to budding UK entrepreneurs.

Franchises come in many different forms and in sectors as diverse as jewellery and fast food. They also come with varying levels of commitment, which means that anyone who is looking to start up a new enterprise under the franchise model can find a company to suit. A part time franchise, for example, is perfect for anyone who wants to build up a successful business whilst spending more time with their family.

Work life balance

Achieving the perfect work -life balance is something that most people aspire to, however, so few people actually achieve this aim. This is especially the case for those who run their own business, but it does not have to be this way. By choosing a part time franchise, it is much easier for the average person to make a steady income while still having enough free time to engage in their passions.

Mothers in particular can really benefit from part time franchises, because it enables them to get back to work and earn their own money while still being able to look after their children, letting them be there for the most precious moments.

Better start

Self-employment is often the first step to more autonomy and financial freedom in life. It is much easier to make a good income quickly under the umbrella of a franchise. You do not have to invest quite so much time and money in getting started as you would need to when starting a business from scratch. Not only that, but you will get a lot of help and support from the parent company, as well as everything that you need to get started in your business.

Less risk

Another great thing about a part time franchise is that you do not even have to give up your day job to get started. Whether you are working part time or full time, it may well be possible to rearrange your schedule so that you can fit your new business venture in around current commitments. This means that you will have a steady income and something to fall back on, while you get to grips with your new company. Basically, part time franchises give you much more freedom to take control of your working life and grow your finances.

Fruit to Suit is a social enterprise. We offer part time franchise opportunities to motivated individuals who are looking to obtain financial freedom, while still providing fresh and healthy food to young children. If you are looking for a change of direction and would like to start an ethical business around your other commitments, get in touch with us to find out more about franchising opportunities today.