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Popular restaurant chain hopes to knock child obesity for six

Mezze Restaurants and Gloucestershire Cricket Board (GCB) will be joining forces to educate students in the south west of England on healthy eating and exercise.

Although coaches from the GCB are already coaching pupils, the collaboration means that a further 1,000 children will benefit from the project.

Cricket coaching will be delivered to over 150 schools around Gloucestershire and Bristol, while the input of chefs from Mezze will enable the coaches to inform pupils about nutritious eating and how to live healthily. A cash injection by the restaurant firm has also made it possible for GCB to achieve its target of coaching 10,000 students in the year 2015. The managing director of Mezze, Alex Tryfonos, said:

“With soaring UK child obesity rates suggesting one-fifth of children in reception and a third in the final year of primary school are obese or overweight, it is important that children become more active.”

The GCB coaches pupils during the curriculum and after school, with the blocks lasting between six and eight weeks. The aim is to encourage students to spend less time sat around and become more active, perhaps even creating the next great generation of cricketers from the region.

As not all children have an interest in playing cricket, schools could concentrate on other aspects of tackling child obesity, such as introducing a school tuckshop. Lincolnshire schools have already developing a programme, where they only stock healthy tuck shop foods for children to eat during the day.

Posted by Jennifer
June 4, 2014

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