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Primary school pupil weighs almost 20 stones

A recent child measurement programme has found that one Year 6 pupil in Coventry is among the nation’s heaviest children.

The ten-year-old child was found to weigh an unhealthy 19st 7lbs. However, this was by no means a one-off, with four Year 6 pupils in the area having weighed in at over 16st for the last three years.

The study was undertaken by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, with the data being anonymous.

While these are exceptional cases, there is a growing fear regarding the level of childhood obesity seen in the region. Coventry City Council believes that as many as 10,000 children of primary school age could be classed as overweight or obese.

Carrying excess weight is known to greatly increase the likelihood of experiencing all manner of health problems, including heart attacks, diabetes and cancer. The council is therefore trying to work with schools to encourage healthier eating and to dissuade people from living sedentary lives, targeting those areas where weight issues are most common.

The good news for the council is that obesity rates do appear to be dropping. The annual study recorded fewer overweight children in both Reception classes and Year 6 than the last time around.

However, it is not a straightforward battle. It has also been reported that the majority of parents simply ignore what the National Child Measurement Programme advises, which may be a cause for apprehension.

Concerned parents could look to help out by starting a franchise that would make sure that their children can have a healthy tuckshop snack in the Leicestershire and Coventry area.

Posted by Mark
April 3, 2014

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