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Scottish Government intervenes to help overweight children

An initiative launched in Scotland has helped almost 17,000 kids to lose weight.

During the last three years, Scottish Government officials have provided help to increase physical activity and the number of kids aged five to 15 years old who are eating healthily.

The target figure was set at 14,910 children, but a combined effort from the health boards all over Scotland managed to help 16,820 children with weight issues. According to Jim Hume, the Scottish Liberal Democrats health spokesman, the nation is facing health challenges, although the support provided to children will help them live healthier and longer lives. Hume added:

“However, these interventions may only be the tip of the iceberg. In the year of the [Commonwealth] Games, it is all the more important that SNP ministers secure a legacy that will encourage more families and children to lead healthy lives.”

Almost half the children helped this year lived in deprived areas, but the problem is believed to be widespread.

The deputy leader for the Scottish Conservatives, Jackson Carlaw, said that the children had been helped and that hopefully their good habits would encourage other members of their family. A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government added that although child obesity rates had stabilised, there are still too many people of all ages who were obese or overweight.

One of the simplest measures to encourage healthy eating is by targeting the school tuckshop. Lincolnshire schools have replaced junk food with healthy and nutritious snacks, encouraging children of all ages to eat healthily.

Posted by Mark
August 9, 2014

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