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How to set up a school tuck shop

Do you remember your school tuck shop? If you do, you probably reminisce about it fondly as being a haven for sweets such as pixie sticks, chocolate and crisps, which although you surely enjoyed, were pretty unhealthy. Today, school tucks shops are making a comeback, but they bear very little resemblance to the stalls of our youth – these ones are healthy. Here at Fruit to Suit, we help to teach school children about how to set up a school tuck shop that will enhance their wellbeing and teach them about healthy eating habits. If you would like to know how to help going about doing so, read on.

Gauge Demand

The first thing that you should do to set up a school tuck shop is to gauge the demand for one in your local primary and secondary schools. Handing out questionnaires to parents and students is a good way of finding out whether or not they are likely to be interested. If there is sufficient demand, then you can go ahead and get started.


Obviously, when you set up a school tuck shop, you will need to source as many healthy products as possible. If you are working with our company, this is as easy as can be, as we will provide our franchisees with a wide range of healthy snacks for their tuck shop. If you are going it alone, then you will need to spend a bit of time looking at the nutritional value of all of the foods that you are considering for sale.

It is important that you always provide healthy snacks based on the needs of the children. So, for example, if there are pupils from various religious and cultural backgrounds at a school, you should ensure that you have snacks that are suitable for them to eat.


Once you’ve gauged the demand, made arrangements with the schools and sorted out your range of healthy products, you will need to think about promoting your business. If you are a franchisee, you will get lots of help with this. Promotion can take many forms when you set up a school tuck shop, but leaflets and healthy eating events are always a good way of increasing interest in your franchise and the healthy products that you provide.

Handing out a limited number of free samples is also a good way of ensuring that the word spreads, as more children will visit your tuck shop for a healthy snack.

Of course, when you are selling healthy products of a good quality, they will practically promote themselves, as children will try them and then tell their friends and family.

Keep track

Once you know how to set up a school tuck shop and you have begun trading, you will need to keep track of your sales. Pinpoint which items sell the best and which sell in very little quantities, so that you can tweak your stock and perhaps promote lower selling products even more.

To find out about the tuck shop franchises we offer, get in touch with Fruit to Suit today and see your business grow.