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Sneaky ways to swap unhealthy foods for nutritious snacks

We all know that we need to eat more fruit and vegetables, as well as less fat and salt, but actually doing this is easier said than done.

To help with this, why not check out these simple changes that you can make to up your intake of healthy foods:

Baked veggie chips

Cutting root vegetables into chips, spraying them with a little oil, and baking them is a great alternative to deep fried chips. Sweet potatoes are especially good for this.


Potatoes are healthy, but adding finely chopped cabbage is not only tasty, it is a great way to add an extra portion of vegetables to a meal. Mash together cooked swede or red potatoes with a little white potato to make another lovely alternative.

Using swede or red potato mash on fish or shepherd’s pie could also go down a treat.


Beans and lentils can often be used instead of meat. Next time you cook shepherd’s pie, mix some lentils in with the cooked mince. Start with a few spoonfuls and each time you cook the meal add a few more lentils. This will make it easier to get the balance between lentils and meat at a level that suits your family’s tastes.

Adding mashed lentils or beans to your homemade burger mix is another great way to eat more vegetables.

Stews and curries

Adding vegetables to a curry or stew is a great way to introduce more into your diet. Fruits like pears, peaches, apples and dates can also be nice in a stew. They work particularly well in a spicy style stew.


Blending vegetables into a sauce is a good way to get more into your diet. Roasted red peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and avocadoes make hearty sauce bases. Pesto can also be made with most herbs and greens.

Posted by Jennifer
November 5, 2014

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