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Three of the best sports for child fitness

There are three important aspects to fitness: strength, endurance and flexibility. Therefore, the best sports for child fitness involve movements that build these three factors. Any sporting activity should be encouraged in kids, but those listed below are particularly good at building up overall fitness:

1. Basketball

Children who play basketball tend to build their cardiovascular health quickly and develop greater endurance that those who play slower sports.

In addition, they build good flexibility. During a game of basketball, or while training to play, children go through the full range of motions. Importantly, they stretch out their body, and it is one of the few sports in which players constantly lift their arms above their heads.

Strength is built up on the court from playing, especially in the legs. However, the training your child does to enable them to play better is where the majority of the strength is built.

2. Football

With football, the speed of play ensures that your child builds up cardiovascular strength. Flexibility comes from the range of movement needed to play well. Leg strength is built during play, but the majority of strength gains in football players come from the push-ups, pull-ups and crunches undertaken during training sessions.

The fact that football is so widely played means there is always the chance of a game. If your child enjoys the sport, they will rarely go long without playing it. Even just a leisurely kick about in the park will do them a world of good.

3. Tennis

Tennis is a very good all-round sport. It is a fast-paced game, which is good for stamina, and the power needed to deliver a ball means it builds strength too.

If your child does not like the above sports, it’s not a cause for concern; just encourage them to play the sport that they love.

Posted by Jennifer
October 5, 2014

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