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Three lunchbox tips to keep kids healthy

If you want your children to enjoy healthy food, giving them the right food in their lunchbox is vital. Here are our three top tips for providing your child with a healthy packed lunch:

<h2>1. Always include fruit and vegetables</h2>

Be sure to include a healthy mix of both in your child’s lunchbox. A banana, small apple, a handful of berries, or snacks made from fresh fruit all work. Options like vegetables batons, cherry tomatoes, and vegetables mixed into sandwich fillings are all simple ways to ensure your child gets a couple of portions of fruit and vegetables in their lunch. Most kids love tuna and sweetcorn, or roasted peppers with low-fat cream cheese.

<h2>2. Make it appealing to them</h2>

While healthy foods are important, including fruit and veg is no good if they end up in the bin. Would you want to eat bland, uninteresting vegetables or would you rather jazz them up a little? It is far better to give them a portion of strawberries dipped in chocolate – they will eat it!

<h2>3. Plenty of variety</h2>

Try to vary what you give your children as much as possible. The more diverse your child’s diet is the better. Numerous studies show that a varied diet is the best way to eat a balanced diet and ensure your child gets all of the vitamins and minerals that they need.

If you take this approach, your children are far more likely to eat everything you put in their lunchbox. We all get bored, so varying your child’s diet is a great way of ensuring that they eat everything that you give them. Just be sure to introduce new foods in the home first so that you know for sure that they will eat it if you put it in their lunchbox.

Posted by Susan
September 26, 2014

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