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TV chef to host school cooking lesson to fight child obesity

Jamie Oliver is continuing his campaign against childhood obesity by calling on politicians to help address the issue.

During May, the celebrity chef will team up with TES, an online network of teachers, to host a cooking lesson that will be broadcast live to thousands of schools across the world.

Around 200 million children worldwide are reported to be overweight, placing them at risk of depression, bullying and long-term health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. Oliver believes that the problem is preventable, but it requires a politician who is “visionary” to tackle it.

As the general election approaches next year, the chef wants a politician to place prevention of child obesity at the centre of their campaign and propose “positive social change”, which may ignite discussion among other parties around public health and the wellbeing of children.

According to Oliver, action is required on several fronts simultaneously, including supermarkets, workplaces, homes, food outlets, and schools. A number of learning institutions across the UK are already working towards the introduction of healthy tuckshop foods. Lincolnshire is just one of the education authorities encouraging a healthy diet and exercise as part of the solution for tackling childhood obesity levels.

The event is planned for Friday 16th May and will be termed Food Revolution Day, with Oliver attempting to get as many people as possible globally to cook the same dish together, which will be a Rainbow Salad Wrap. Oliver began his campaign to prevent child obesity in 2005, with his TV programme Jamie’s School Dinners.

Posted by Susan
May 2, 2014

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