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UK pupils to benefit from healthy school meals

A new well-being initiative launched by the Government will start at the beginning of the new educational year in schools across Britain.

The scheme will aim to provide nutritious school meals, free of charge, to children in reception class, as well as years one and two. It is believed that this will help parents to save around £400 annually, while being assured that their child will be receiving healthy food.

The project looks set to benefit many families. For example, in East Yorkshire there are approximately 9,260 children who will be eligible for the free meals, giving them a good start in their education. According to studies, children who eat a nutritious meal at lunch time are more likely to be able to concentrate and learn in class. A study of packed lunches revealed that a mere 1% fulfil the criteria for being healthy. School lunches will still be means tested for children in year three and above.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, is leading the initiative. He commented:

“This is one of the most progressive changes to our school system for a long time. My goal is to create a level playing field for all of our children so their success will be determined by their talents and efforts alone and not by their parents’ bank balance.”

The changes in schools, which will take place from September this year, will include improved education for food and nutrition, with some schools providing a healthy tuckshop. Snacks in Lincolnshire will now include fruit and other nutritious foods to help reduce the level of child obesity.

Posted by Susan
August 23, 2014

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