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Wiltshire adopts new programme to fight child obesity

Wiltshire Council has launched a new scheme that is aimed at helping children aged between seven and 11 years old to achieve a healthy weight.

The programme adapted by the council has been created by SHINE (Self-Help, Independence, Nutrition and Exercise) to support the children in the region who are overweight or obese. According to data provided by the National Child Measurement Programme during 2011-12, around one third of children are classed as either obese or overweight. Since that time, the figures have reportedly continued to rise.

The Sheffield-based SHINE Health Academy is a non-profit organisation that provides a range of support options for children with weight issues. The programme has been created to offer support to overweight children and their families, as well as providing guidance and education. The corporate director of SHINE, Maggie Rae, said:

“Each SHINE session will include fun physical activities as well as help to teach the child and their family about nutrition, food groups, portion sizes, food labelling and how to make healthier choices a habit.”

Cabinet member Keith Humphries, who has responsibility for public health in Wiltshire, said that clinical, leisure and education services were all working together to help children be the healthiest they can be for the long term.

A number of academic departments around the UK have already adopted a positive approach to healthy eating and exercise, with some introducing nutritious school tuckshops. Lincolnshire faculties are among those encouraging students to choose healthier options at break times during the day.

Posted by Jennifer
September 20, 2014

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