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Wirral fast food shops help to promote healthy eating

A number of takeaways in Rock Ferry on the Wirral have signed up to a council run ‘Takeaway for a Change’ scheme, which is geared towards encouraging healthier lifestyles in the area.

The shops will begin offering a number of healthy options and have received grants to put towards better equipment and low-fat oils. They are also being encouraged to use smaller containers to help with portion control.

Wirral council is also running a parallel campaign called ‘Eat Well Wirral’, which is encouraging people to turn away from deep fried food and to experiment with healthier options. Vouchers worth £15 were handed out to families for participating takeaways, but only healthier options could be bought. Another coupon was then available if they were willing to provide feedback on what they had.

It might seem a small thing, but the aim is to encourage people to make healthier choices and to at least try other options. For example, if a child has never eaten vegetables, they may consume them if they are on a pizza and develop a liking for the fresh produce.

The same principles could be applied to school tuckshops in Merseyside. If children can be persuaded to substitute the worst kinds of food for items of greater nutritional value, this will go some way towards tackling obesity problems and improving general health in the region.

One of the main findings in a report to Wirral children’s trust board was that people were simply ill-informed regarding healthy eating, meaning that there was a willingness to change once people understood the ramifications of their diet.

Posted by Jennifer
April 10, 2014

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